Damage to important files and documents by unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances does not need to cripple your business. Together with our strategic alliance partners, Livingfresh, a team of skilled personnel are experienced in recovering and restoring the documents and materials important to your business. If you have books, documents, or other materials which have been soaked from water damage or affected by fire or smoke, contact our 24 hour call centre for an emergency response. Restoration of important files and documents starts with you by taking the appropriate steps to insure their successful recovery and restoration. After calling Livingfresh, allow our team of professionals to guide you through the correct procedures required to successfully restore all your damaged documents, you will need to be aware of your circumstances and be prepared to provide us with all of the information we require to help you. Livingfresh personnel are professionally trained and know what questions to ask you. The more information you are able to provide, the quicker and more successful the recovery of your important documents will be achieved. Important Notice – Avoid Further Document Damage – Every recovery circumstance is unique and you can essentially cause more damage by moving wet papers, causing disintegration unless handled by professionals.