Successfully recovery of contents and inventory for all types residential and commercial properties starts with a detailed plan.
It is the policy of Livingfresh to present you and your insurance agent with the best possible cost-effective options as possible. Content Restoration Services include:

  • Complete inventory, packaging and removal of contents
  • Electronics
  • Furnishings
  • Climate-controlled storage
  • Hard-good furnishings
  • Inventories
  • Machinery
  • Vital records
  • Raw materials
  • Office equipment

Livingfresh has also now added a new facility to it already existing arsenal. We are happy to introduce our omegasonics ultrasonics plant & facilities to Australia in 2013. Our new ultrasonics restoration plant will now be able to restore more which in turn is a huge bonus for home owners & insures towards eliminating replacement of content and possessions and making the restoration service a quicker process.

RestorationPRO® system helps you decrease cash-out items. It effectively cleans even difficult pieces like china, ceramics, blinds, silver, brass, chandeliers, plastics and stuffed animals more effectively than hand cleaning. It can remove smoke residues, mould, water damage, carbons, heat scale and oxides, and even reaches microscopic dust and soot from tiny crevices unreachable by hand.

Using our ultrasonic cleaning technology, you can introduce the benefits of an assembly-line cleaning process to any restoration job. The Restoration Pro® system offers processing speeds of up to 25 boxes of content per hour and faster.