What sets Livingfresh, apart from its competitors is the ability to adapt to change, continually innovate in systems, products and process and add value to our client’s needs.


Livingfresh are ready and very capable of undertaking and successfully implementing your specific disaster recovery and asset restoration service requirements.

We distinguish ourselves with an exceptional combination of Industry expertise and knowledge, gained through a culmination of many years experience across many market segments. Our disaster recovery and asset restoration service ability has created a winning combination of outstanding and completely guaranteed services.

With over 20 staff and many associates and strategic alliances, our disaster recovery and asset restoration service strategies are designed and managed to shift the burden from you to us. A common theme for these relationships is the use of effective management strategies and best commercial business practices geared to deliver discernible benefits. Our innovative services, techniques, and processes provide our clients with the results they expect.

Our objective is to maintain and improve the company’s ability to meet customers’ demands for the highest quality at competitive rates, on schedule, whilst maintaining a viable profitable business.

The company’s greatest assets along with our extensive experience are our people, who have the same commitment to providing a quality service as required by every client. Livingfresh has the capacity and expertise to engage in projects valued up to $2 Million in most market segments and service delivery type.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of excellence in execution and completion of projects for our clients, local authorities and the general public whilst maintaining the highest level of quality and profitability for our company.