Livingfresh is a qualified and certified bio-hazard cleaning and remediation company, specialising in crime scene, trauma and non-crime scene clean up.
We provide services to individuals and organisations who have experienced traumatic events that call for our proprietary remediation services. Our trauma technicians are highly trained, compassionate and professional individuals capable of addressing the most severe bio-hazardous, infectious disease or filth situations.
Each technician is also trained to exemplify the utmost discretion and sensitivity, while completely remediating any job site.

There is a lot more involved with crime scene clean-up and only a trained professional should provide the service. Today as never before, crime and killings seem to become more horrific in nature. In many crime cases, death is not involved. When a person is wounded they will try to get away from the scene, so there could be a larger area for the clean-up of blood. If this blood is not cleaned up properly it becomes a health hazard for anyone coming in contact with it. Some of the disease associated with blood has no cure, such as hepatitis C.

There are many people looking into starting a professional Crime Scene or Biorecovery service without proper training and there are a few of these that are promoting self training or instructing others. Caution should be used when hiring a company, as not all are equal or possess the understanding and training to keep the public safe. That is why national and international associations such as IICRC, RIA, ABRA and others strive to set standards and Best Industry Practices because many members of old school training did it the hard way, through mistakes, trial and error or they simply were lucky. Those days are gone and in the real world today those things can get you into lawsuits as people are becoming more and more self-educated through the news and the internet. Crime Scenes differ in many ways and should only be treated by people that understand what is at stake.

Companies and technicians that are certified by ABRA have been properly trained in how to approach a horrific and graphic scene in order to clean and sanitize and in what order to use chemicals and equipment in order to minimize the time on the job. By using ABRA certified companies property owners and managers can also have the peace of mind in the fact that the situation is being cleaned properly, verses a person or company that has not put the time nor investment into training, education, certifications and purchasing the right equipment and supplies.

Livingfresh are engaged on a daily basis to carry out crime, trauma & death scene clean ups offering 24 hours service 365 days of the year. Livingfresh is a specialised bio recovery company engaged by some of the largest insurers & government organisations in Australia including NRMA & Department of Housing. Please contact our fully qualified team today on 1300 727 077 or follow the link through our contact page for any requirements you may need.