What sets Livingfresh, apart from its competitors is the ability to adapt to change, continually innovate in systems, products and process and add value to our client’s needs.


In 2012, Livingfresh will introduce a live online asset restoration management and tracking facility for all our projects. This will enable clients, technicians and all key personnel to manage and track the progress of each individual project.

Designed from the ground up for disaster recovery and asset restoration this new innovative facility will be your complete solution for Quality Assurance, Site Inspections, Audits, Work Orders and Extra Work. You will be able to create your own forms for QA inspections (and any other purpose). Organise your jobs, track progress and completion, and provide secure levels of access and reporting for staff and clients across Work and Site inspections.

Quality Management and Claim Management systems are combined into a single web-based application, bringing all operations into the 21st century! Reflecting years of industry experience, this new facility has been designed to streamline workflow and make Quality Assurance and Work Management easy and effective. Track the completion of projects created with complex frequencies and conditions.Work orders can be created for all the little jobs that happen on site, and need to be recorded.

Efficient Management of Your Project Requirements – This new innovation allows Livingfresh to manage our teams, work and keeps tasks organised. The scheduling of jobs or recurring activities allows us to efficiently run the project, whilst showing our clients what is being completed. The different roles in this online facility allows us to set Client, Manager and Staff access roles. Track the value, approval process, when it is completed, and when it has been invoiced and paid. The advantages of introducing this facility into your organisation is that it allows for savings in both resource and energy consumption. Above all, it creates a platform to further develop, implement and maintain new claims, initiatives and efficiencies that would benefit all organisations involved, both environmentally and commercially.

Using a professional web-based application gives our staff and your key personnel the freedom to manage and monitor claims on site, in the office, or wherever they have access to the internet.