What sets Livingfresh, apart from its competitors is the ability to adapt to change, continually innovate in systems, products and process and add value to our client’s needs.


The key to successful Disaster Recovery and Asset Restoration is in the planning. Creating a plan is the first thing Livingfresh do when undertaking any kind of Claim. Livingfresh offers you experienced professionals that offer a wide range of factors required for the project to be successful. These factors are classified into site personnel and management, the right equipment, training and knowledge, cost management, time management, quality management, contract management, and safety management.

Livingfresh, has developed and attained a thorough knowledge and understanding of the unique nature and complexity of Disaster Recovery and Asset Restoration delivery for commercial, residential and industrial market segments. The advantage of our experience would be a seamless transition, allowing for savings in both resource and energy consumption. Above all, we would immediately look forward to further developing, implementing and maintaining new projects, initiatives and efficiencies that would benefit our organisations, both environmentally and commercially. It would be a great pleasure to develop a relationship with your organisation and the team at Livingfresh would cherish this opportunity. Phone Livingfresh now on 1300 727 077, let us help you design, develop and implement professional and cost effective strategies for your Disaster Recovery and Asset Restoration service requirements.