Meth Lab and Drug Lab Clean Up

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Meth labs can pop up anywhere, we have the chemical and know how to destroy the meth lab molecule even after the meth lab has been removed. Meth is one of the most dangerous drugs known to man. Unsuspected meth lab cooks are arrested, and then the contaminated house or commercial building is left to the landlord. Then you have 2 choices, demolish the property or reclaim it. This is where LivingFresh and our capabilities come in. Previous remediation efforts would sometimes require remediates to enter a property 3 or 4 times to scrub things down and also demolish things that were deemed non cleanable, leaving the property owner with no idea what the project was going to cost or where the costs would stop & even after this they could still not get it clean.

But Now LivingFresh will provide you are service and an agreement that no other company can in Australia can provide. We can guarantee that with one application of our product that we use will neutralise the meth to non-detectable levels.

You as the property owner must prove to your local council through industrial hygienist reports that the property is safe to occupy before your property can be re-claimed.


First time Clearance guaranteed.

By using a qualified Hygienist for pre –remediation testing, the advantages are they will identify hazards on site, provide an indication of the level of contamination and provide detailed information on how to remediate the site & a suggested work scope. Testing can identify chemicals or hazards that you cannot see or smell – for example methamphetamine residues not visible, and some chemicals that may be in the air at hazardous levels, will not be visible or present odours.

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After decontamination, it is extremely important for testing to be carried out by a qualified hygienist, to avoid any liability issues. A final site validation report from a qualified hygienist is required to comply with OH&S requirements to re-claim your building.

This is what Living Fresh can Gaurantee,

- No one has cleaned more meth labs in Australia then Living Fresh.

- No one can acquire the clearence required by a hygenist quicker then Living Fresh.

- LivingFresh will beat any competitors price on remidiation.

- Our price is firm with no variations.

- If the premises can not be cleared there will be no charge for our mitgation and Living Fresh will foot the bill for the hyginest.

- First time clean, first time clearence virtuall gauranteed.

- LivngFresh can attend any property in Austraila & New Zealand with in 24 hours.

For a fair dinkum quote and answers to your question call LivingFresh on 1300 727 077 or follow the contact link.