What sets Livingfresh, apart from its competitors is the ability to adapt to change, continually innovate in systems, products and process and add value to our client’s needs.


Mission Statement
Our passion is to be innovative market leaders in all aspects of disaster recovery and asset restoration services, providing clients with added value for money, convenience, peace of mind and a superior service.

Our team is highly skilled and will continue to be through regular educational and training programs. We operate and continue to develop a superior Quality Assurance System which will always set and exceed industry standards.

Our Values
Livingfresh actively promotes quality product and service delivery at competitive prices. We will support our customers by adding value through continuous improvement and by providing outstanding service. Our mission will foster a culture where our staff can enjoy a rewarding and creative lifestyle.

Our Business Objectives
To build growth by focusing on a simple philosophy, listen to the needs of our clients, respond with real, well thought out solutions, and to provide the best possible services.
If we can deliver the best possible solutions to our clients, we will increase our value to them, in turn, usage of our services.
Growing usage of our services means more potential clients, greater buying power and access to the best available resources. Which in turn will lead to greater rewards for our people and a growth in value to Livingfresh.