What sets Livingfresh, apart from its competitors is the ability to adapt to change, continually innovate in systems, products and process and add value to our client’s needs.


At Livingfresh, our people share a common aspiration to be the very best. Whether serving our customers, working together as a team or contributing to the community, we are working to build a unique company delivering unparalleled services and products by people who represent a wealth of cultures and experiences.

We are dedicated to fostering an environment that encourages entrepreneurism and ownership. A workplace where people’s talents can be challenged and their efforts recognised and rewarded.

To provide our clients with the best service that makes a difference, we attract, recruit, retain and nurture the very best talent in all the market segments in which we serve.

Our people are as diverse as our clients and their needs. They have access to the latest professional development – both informal and formal.

We invest in building a highly engaged business, founded on constructive behaviours to ensure this, we encourage our people to not only achieve great results, but to achieve them in the right way. We believe that building a constructive culture and high levels of engagement will continue to drive our success in the market, because if our people are passionate about what they do and the company they work for, they will deliver positive experiences, each and every time.

We also actively invest in the wellbeing of our people and support them to get more out of their lives, both inside and outside of work. A healthy team of people with a positive approach to life and work can deliver great benefits in terms of productivity, culture and engagement, and overall business sustainability.